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Standing Down > RyDyno "Short Buz"

What Up! What Up! 
[Ladies and Gentz]
Before Myspace, Before Facebook! 
Before The Twitter and Twatz!  There Was AOL!  The King Of AOL!  RY~~~~~~~DYNO!
Posting Up Blogs About Doom and 4/20!
Greetings from Indianapolis, Indiana - The Notorious Grey Monster From Naptown! RYDYNO!

We going write this in hect huh. Naw Georgia it. lol
Hello ALL!  I come from a weird place called Short Buz!  That's me rolling. This is un-edited so it's the rough draft you would say.  Brand new theme show I guess we can put it online since we know that four to five people view this shit now. 
So reading this I hope you can learn something, if not then um like um go play some poker or something to help you cope with your demons.  No I love everybody and I hate everybody so nobody special to me. 
I wanted to start this thing called "Standing Down"  Because that's what we do now instead of fighting and then we have weirdos pulling out switch blades on kids and shit. 
Our society is really fucked up. I found …