She said I act "Gay" Well Babe Gay IS A-O-K >

Your son is gay so what love him 

Ah man you just messed it up. I was writing a perfect blog and it was going be serious and your fist words was your son is gay and blah. 
Yo dude you need to chill out with that bullshit
Hey I think you have the oven running. 
So this is what it's like to be in a blog with RyDyno 
Hey I didn't tell you to write something for nothing but something for nothing is something right?
Man you got the whole world watching and you produce this bullshit 
I think we have Simon on the phone he said he just don't know about the whole situation with the bloods and crips and why that is in a poem? 
I think that if you tell the truth 
Fool the kids
WHAT THE FUDGE would I do that for 
We can't afford to loose kids 
My heart is broken many times on this damn Earth. I will fight for them damn kids. 
Every single on of them 17 will feel the same effect of revenge as their TIME have been taken away.
I will make sure I live to write for the rest of my life fo…


You can chill out, we about to go hump a tree! 
WE LOVE TO HUMP TREES!  You see!  The bee's made us do it  The Queen So what do you have to do? Hump a Tree?
YOU wan't that old man winter out right?
You gotta hump a tree  All day..All night
Hump that tree Don't make me have to tag in  Hump that damn tree now!  Now listen  Kids don't eat stupid materials  Don't challenge yourself for attention  I want you to listen  and go hump that damn tree!  HUMP THAT TREE FOR ME  You better give that damn tree a hump!  NOW! 
If you don't I will call yo parents  And I will them  You didn't hump that tree  Instead you flip me off  And told me to f off  But you did not hump that DAMN TREE I TOLD YOU TO HUMP THAT TREE Now give it a few pumps for me!  Wait a minute.  Here comes the cops and doctors  Don't worry. Tree can't talk! 
We just humping a tree! 
Okay no law against that! Carry on. 

Tooth Be Told

The story behind this is don't do drugs.
Write feed from your heart and your farts.
Don't do drugs. 

The Poop Review #1

I have a great deal of respect for somebody who wants to a writer and wants to write.

This is just stupid poop.

Poop on this stove and shut the door and bake it for 500 and then blow up the house after you watch this movie.

It will make you even more stupid then the stove itself.


I wouldn't give a poop for this and I would pass on it.

No poops for you.